Immigration: Building Borders, Burning Bridges

The Silver Lining
Somewhere, in all of this, there is a reminder of what we can achieve, together. Just this month Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo, the popular Spanish-language DJ who helped rally half a million people to the streets over immigration reform and immigrant rights, took his oath to become a new citizen of the United States. As part of a record-setting naturalization ceremony at the LA Convention Center, Sotelo, who spent his teen years in Cali after crossing the border from Mexico, was sworn in with about 6,000 other immigrants.

Sotelo beamed with pride, telling reporters: "It is a blessing to be with so many people who are becoming citizens today and from so many countries. This is what we need in the country, this unity, this unity that you see here."

Every Latina is entitled to her opinion on immigration, but we can all agree that it’s time for real action, for real reform, for real unity.

Feeling heated? Do something about it. Write your US Representative and US Senator and tell them to make comprehensive immigration reform a priority. Tell them you're a Latina. Tell them you vote. Tell them it’s time for a change.

- Alicia Menendez