Immigration: Building Borders, Burning Bridges

This raid raises a ton of questions about how the US protects the human rights of workers, regardless of legal status. The deportation of members of family units also raises questions of how much “family” matters. Two of the workers, a father and mother, Yesenia Cordero, and Henry Lopez-Lopez, will be deported to different countries. Cordero will be sent back to Mexico, and Lopez-Lopez will be sent back to Guatemala. Their baby daughter, Ada Mari was born here in the United States and is an American citizen. She can remain in the US without either of her parents or she can leave for Mexico with her mother. Her parents like the generations of immigrants before them came here to try to make a better life for themselves and their children, but clearly a small baby can not be left behind no matter what their citizenship status is. Regardless, it is uncertain that baby Lopez will ever see her father again.

Should Cordero and Lopez-Lopez be given the option of being deported together? Should Cordero be offered the opportunity to stay here, in the US, with her American daughter? Should there be a process by which all three of them can stay here, and through hard work and monetary pay back, earn a path towards citizenship? Or, do you believe, like many in this country, that those who cross our borders illegally should be sent back to their countries of origin?