Immigrant Who Stopped Cop From Fondling Girlfriend May be Deported

An undocumented immigrant from Mexico is facing deportation after defending his girlfriend from a Charlotte, North Carolina cop who is now being held in jail on charges of sexual abuse, kidnapping, extortion, assault, and indecent exposure. Police officer Marcus Jackson, 25, has been in jail since Dec. 30 and is facing charges stemming from attacks on two women, one Latina and one African American.

A third woman, the immigrant’s girlfriend, says that she was attacked twice by Jackson, first in early Fall when he fondled her breasts. The second incident occurred when the woman, also an undocumented immigrant, was walking home on the evening of Dec. 29. Jackson started to harass her in the parking lot just outside of her apartment complex. The woman’s boyfriend tried to intervene by calling 911 but Jackson arrested him for resisting a police officer.

The victim's boyfriend was held for six days in a Charlotte, NC jail before prosecutors dropped the charges. While he was incarcerated, he was subjected to the 287g program, which allows state officers and employees to perform functions normally controlled by immigration officers, and it was determined that he was undocumented. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued an order for him to appear at a hearing which will start his deportation process.

“I’m very afraid he will go free. He knows where I live, he can follow me and do something to me,” the third victim told radio host Jorge Medina in reference to Officer Jackson on the “La Voz de Charlotte” program. The fact that the woman’s boyfriend was deported as a result of calling 911 will do nothing to inspire trust in public institutions among the local immigrant community. Medina confirmed to Efe that this kind of situation exacerbates the already tenuous relations between police and Latinos in the area.