Immigrant Asks to be Deported, Can't Afford to Live in USA

An illegal immigrant walked into a police station in Framingham, MA, admitted to stealing another man's identity and asked to be deported back to his native Guatemala.

No, this is not the beginning of a bad joke, it actually happened over the weekend in Massachusetts. So what could have caused 29-year-old Carlos Boc to want to return home so badly that he turned himself in to authorities? Apparently, the cost of living in the United States was just too high for him to sustain. 

Authorities say that Boc turned himself in on Saturday night and when they asked him why he allowed himself to be arrested Boc told police he wanted to return to Guatemala because he has no job or money and isworried about surviving the winter. Boc originally arrived to the U.S.13 years ago. A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf atin Framingham District Court on charges including identity fraud.