"Illegal Alien" Halloween Costumes Draw Criticism

Major retailers including Target, Walgreens and Amazon have been stirring up controversy by selling two versions of an illegal alien costume for Halloween. The "Illegal Alien Adult Costume" includes an orange jumpsuit, similar to prison garb, with "Illegal Alien" stamped in black across the chest; a space alien mask; and a fake Green Card. The "Illegal Alien Mask with Hat" costume also includes a space alien mask, this time with a dark handlebar mustache and a baseball cap, reports CNN.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles sent letters to the retailers, asking them to stop selling the costumes, which are manufactured by Forum novelties. Target responded by removing the products from their stores and taking them off their website. Target said the "Illegal Alien" costume was inadvertently uploaded to its Web site due to a data entry error. "It is never our intent to offend the consumers with the products we offer," a company statement said.

"This was an ignorant attempt to poke fun at a small community," said Jorge-Mario Cabrera, the director of communications for CHIRLA. Some retailers disagree, however, and say protesters are taking things too seriously. "It's a very well-recommended costume," said an employee at Ricky's, a costume store in New York City. The store has sold seven costumes for $39.99 apiece and is set to receive another shipment.

William Gheen, the president of Americans for Legal Immigration, said he intends to buy the costume, and calls the reaction unfounded.

"The only people getting upset are the hyper-sensitive, over-politically correct, pro-amnesty, illegal alien-supporting nuts," Gheen told CNN. "You can't attack people's freedom in this country."

What do you think? Should stores be allowed to sell “Illegal Alien” Halloween costumes?