Hot Headlines: Arizona Gov. Asks for Military Support to Patrol Border, Floods Kill Hundreds in Brazil and more

Heavy Rains Cause Fatal Flooding in Brazil
24 hours of torrential downpours have left almost a hundred people dead in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Most of the fatalities have been caused by mudslides in the favelas (or shantytowns) that surround Brazil's second largest city. “There will be more deaths, probably, since there are several mudslides where we are still working to recover bodies," Sergio Cortes, chief of emergency services in Rio de Janeiro, told Globo television.

Arizona Gov. Brewer Requests Military Assistance with the Arizona/Mexico Border
Gov. Jan Brewer is requesting federal assistance to help the state of Arizona better patrol the US/Mexico border. Brewer is asking for 250 additional Army and Air National Guard soldiers and airmen for the Arizona Joint Counter Narco-Terrorism Task Force. The recent unsolved murder of an Arizona rancher has created a media firestorm with conservative pundits and politicians demanding an increase in border security.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Says
Chilean Supreme Court Ruling that Stripped Child Custody Rights from Lesbian Couple Was a Violation of Human Rights
The IACHR has declared that the Chilean supreme court violated Karen Atala's right to live free from discrimination when they forced her to hand over her three daughters to her ex husband. In 2004, the Chilean supreme court ruled that Atala's children could suffer psychological trauma if they remained with their mother, who was (and still is) in a committed same sex relationship.