Honduran Leaders Near Reconciliation

Honduran leaders Roberto Micheletti and Manuel Zelaya are near agreement on how to move past the turmoil that has rocked the country since Zelaya was deposed in a military coup in June. Micheletti negotiator Vilma Morales told reporters at a news conference yesterday that about ninety percent of an agreement to end the political crisis had been reached, but stressed that key issues remain to be discussed.

Reports of a consensus being reached that came out yesterday seem to be a bit premature. Although Zelaya negotiator Victor Meza said an agreement had been reached on the point of the deposed leaders demand to be restored to the presidency, Morales insisted that it was not true. "At this moment, there is nothing definitive regarding that point."

It seems that Micheletti and Zelaya still have a hard time finding anything to agree on, as close advisor to Zelaya, Rasel Tome, told CNN en Español, "There is 100 percent consensus over this text," and asserted that a draft agreement was approved by both sides and was being presented to the respective leaders.

The most recent talks between representatives of Zelaya and Micheletti began again in earnest following a visit from a delegation from the Organization of American States (OAS) last week. On Sept. 21, Zelaya sparked a new standoff surreptitiously returning to his country and finding refuge in the Brazilian embassy.