Honduran Foreign Minister Apologizes for Racially Charged Statement About Obama

The new foreign minister of Honduras, Enrique Ortez, told reporters he apologized in writing to President Barack Obama for an insensitive comment he made about the U.S. leader. Ortez was recently appointed foreign minister by “president” Roberto Micheletti.

Well, he’s certainly off to a great start, calling the leader of the free world a “negrito who doesn’t know where Tegucigalpa is.”  Clearly he has no knowledge of the president's background, or his accomplishments. Ortez made the comment during a televised interview in response to the Obama administration’s demands for the restoration of “constitutional order” in Honduras, where elected President Manuel Zelaya was exiled by a military coup with the blessings of the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court.

Ortez told reporters that he sent Obama a letter in which he expressed his “most profound apologies” for the “unfortunate expression.” “The expression that was mentioned ... in no way had any offensive intent,” he added.

No offense intended? We’re not too sure that saying someone is ignorant can be taken as anything other than an insult. We’ll just have to wait and see if Obama has any words of his own to share with the new foreign minister.