Honduran Drug Czar Murdered

The brutal murder of General Julian Aristides Gonzalez, which occurred after he dropped his daughter off at school just days ago, is the latest indication of the extent to which drug violence is wreaking havoc all across Latin America. Honduras is at the crossroads of drug smuggling, and Gonzalez found himself trying to handle the situation with the smugglers from Colombia, as well as handling the increasing presence of Mexico's drug cartels.

"Almost all of the big Mexican organizations are carving out territory here. And when they run into each other, they will fight over it," Gonzalez told Time magazine in a interview just five days before he was shot down. The Sinaloa Cartel of billionaire fugitive Joaquín (Shorty) Guzmán, the incredibly violent Los Zetas gang, and La Familia Michoacana are among those fighting for territory in Honduras.

The conflicts have pushed up Honduras's murder rate to 53 out of 100,00, one of the highest in the world. Gonzalez had been acting as Honduras's drug czar for six years and was just two months away from is retirement when he was murdered. He was planning on moving with his family to Canada.