Homeland Security Chief Supports DREAM Act

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano told reporters during a conference call from Washington D.C that immigration enforcement efforts would be helped greatly if congress passed the DREAM act.

"It's important to point out that the DREAM Act fits into a larger strategy of immigration enforcement, and would actually complement the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to prioritize our enforcement resources on removing dangerous criminal aliens from the country,'' Napolitano said.

Her remarks were aimed squarely at Republican leaders who have voiced opposition to the bill. Some conservative legislators see the DREAM act as an amnesty bill, but Napolitano stressed the fact that if passed, the legislation would be in keeping with current priorities.

She also said that the Homeland Security department would never suspend deportations while Congress debates the bill. But Napolitano insisted that passage of the DREAM Act would allow her department to devote resources to deporting criminals first.

"The DREAM Act would take out of the calculus those young people who really . . . are not responsible, of their own will, for being in the country,'' Napolitano concluded.