Hispanics Have Mixed Reactions to Obama

In an election-eve poll published by Latino Decisions, it appears Latinos were split about President Barack Obama's performance thus far.

For the survey, Latino Decisions questioned 3,200 voters in eight key states. When asked if they approved of Obama's handling of immigration reform thus far, 49 percent of Latino voters said they approved while forty percent disapproved.

In terms of supporting the President Obama in the 2012 election, thirty-nine percent said they would definitely back him for reelection, 20 percent said they might and twenty-nine percent said they would not support Obama.

“This is not a resounding endorsement and reflects frustration in the Latino community,” senior researcher with Latino Decisions and Stanford University professor Gary Segura told politico.com. “The president’s path to reelection with Latinos requires some work and investment of time.”

There is a bright light for the President. When Hispanics were asked to rate their overall feelings of his performance, 68 percent approved compared to 25 percent who disapproved. Though the Latino community is frustrated with the lag in immigration reform, it's clear that we have appreciated the strides Obama has made when it comes to healthcare and education.