Here We Go Again: Add Argentinean Women’s Soccer Olympic Team To Growing Roster To Take Racist Photo

We were hoping the Spanish basketball team’s distasteful advertisement was an isolated faux-pas, but it seems everywhere we turn there is evidence to the contrary. Way back in April, the Spanish tennis team posed for their own “slanty-eyes” photo which is up on the Spanish Tennis Federation’s website under the caption “We’re ready for China.” As if that’s not bad enough, Latin media coverage of the Olympics has exposed some incredibly offensive instances. For the network TV Azteca, reporter Ines Gomez Mont hit the streets of Beijing asking young men to pronounce Spanish words with “R’s” in them for the camera while laughing in their faces, calling them names and joking in Spanish while they stood dumbfounded. On Televisa, a popular hand puppet named “El Compayito” made racist remarks on a sports commentary show. At one point he is slapped by one of the commentators, causing his eyes to widen and he jokes that perhaps this should be done to the Chinese.

It seems like this joke will never get old! It has just been revealed by that the Argentinian Women's Olympic Soccer team can be added to the group of Latino athletes who have displayed poor judgment and posed "slanty-eyed". Quite frankly, we're getting sick of this and are slightly tempted to go into hiding until the Olympics are over or our Latino brothers and sisters realize how completely racist and ignorant their actions have been.

We understand that political correctness has never really been a mainstay of Latin television and culture in general, but the heightened scrutiny of Olympic coverage has exposed some of the worst offenses. Do you think these instances are indicative of overall racist attitudes in Spain and Latin America towards Asians?