Haiti Earthquake: Victims Walk Across the Border to the Dominican Republic for Help

People in a small town in the Dominican Republic called Jimani are doing a big part in saving the lives of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake victims.

The walking wounded are pouring across the Haitian border into Jimani, The NY Daily News reports. Helicopters, ambulances and even pickup trucks are bringing hundreds of injured earthquake victims to a hospital there, where doctors are performing everything from amputations to abdominal surgeries.

Anesthesiologist Gilberto Rojas, 50, is exhausted from all of the procedures he’s had to perform, but he’s not slowing down. "There have been more than 500 today—so, so many," said the doctor, who is from Santo Domingo. "We have been doing so many amputations, seeing so many people with abdominal trauma." He stressed that Dominicans are doing everything in their power to help their neighbors.

"We share an island. They are our brothers," said Rojas, who had worked on at least 50 surgeries yesterday at the overflowing hospital.

Luis Antonio Luna Paulino, director of the Dominican civil defense, has been leading Jimani-based teams into Port-au-Prince to search for survivors to bring back to the hospital, according to the NY Daily News.

"It is a disaster zone, people are destroyed," he said. "People are dragging the dead out into the street. So many are dying, trapped."

Watch this interesting report from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on the changing relationship between the Dominican Republic and Haiti following the tragedy:


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