Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom Implicated in Murder Cover-Up

Guatemalan president Alvaro Colom has been hit with allegations that he ordered and then covered up the murder of Rodrigo Rosenberg, 47, a Guatemalan lawyer who has shocked the country with a posthumous video implicating the president in his assassination.

Rosenberg was a Harvard- and Oxford-educated lawyer and father of four who, by all accounts, was an upstanding citizen. He maintained a private practice and taught at the Rafael Landivar Law School in Guatemala City. Things started getting sticky for him when he began looking into the murder of Khalil Musa, one of his clients who was killed last April. Musa was a businessman who had been recruited by the Colom administration to join the board of a local bank, partially owned by the Guatemalan government. Rosenberg claimed that Musa uncovered a web of corruption and greed while on the board and offered his resignation to Colom immediately. But the president and his associates grew paranoid that Musa would rat them out and decided to have him silenced permanently. 

At Rosenberg's funeral, his family released a video that began with the lawyer defiantly declaring, "If you are listening to this message, it’s because I was murdered by President Alvaro Colom, with the help of [the
president’s private secretary] Gustavo Alejos and [alleged drug dealer] Gregorio Valdez." Rosenberg then labels the president “a thief, a murderer and a coward” and goes on to explain how he was threatened directly by Alejos, who warned him that he, too, would be killed if he didn't stop looking into Musa's death. 

Since the video surfaced, Guatemala has been rocked by protests calling for Colom's resignation. The web of corruption in which President Colom has been implicated can be traced back to Mexico and the growing power of organized crime and the drug cartels. Colom has been accused of having connections to the drug cartels since 2003.

Watch Rodrigo Rosenberg's video below: