Google Unblocks Latina because of YOU!

Last week we reported that Google Instant, that neat thingy that makes suggestions to you while you type in the Google search box, had a list of words that were banned, or that didn’t give you suggested terms, due to fear of giving users links to pornography. The only ethnic group on this banned list was Latina. You were mad and took to facebook to tell us. Google then explained that it wasn’t a ban at all but a “complex algorithm” and that they would look in to it. Basically the word “Latina” is attached to too many porn sites.

What they didn’t tell us is that they fixed it! Now when you type “Latina” into Google Instant you get search results the same as if you typed Latino or Asian. They even seemed to have removed “lesbian” as a banned term as well as “teen”. We contacted them to thank them for listening to our concerns and to see how and why they changed the algorithm but they haven’t gotten back to us yet.

We still want to know what’s with all the Latina porn...