Florida Woman Burning From Inside Out

A 34-year-old Florida women named Yasmin Hernandez is fighting for her life after being striken with a rare disease. Toxic epidermal necrolysis is the most severe form of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a disease caused by an adverse reaction to medication. The illness is causing Hernandez's skin to literally burn off from the inside out.

"She had a fever of 109. I thought my thermometer was broken. I rushed her to the hospital," her husband, Benjamin Hernandez said.

The causes of TEN are still relatively unknown, FOX 13 medical reporter Dr. Joette Giovinco says, "Medications can precipitate it. Antibiotics, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-seizure drugs, anti-psychotic drugs."

Hernandez's husband says that Yasmin took a drug for bi-polar disorder on Dec. 3, the night before she got sick. He finds himself overwhelmed trying to explain to their five children what is going on with mommy. "There's no words to explain to the kids how they're mom is doing. All they know right now is that she's sick. I can't help my wife. She's been my wife for 10 years and I can't help her," a distraught Benjamin told local FOX 13 reporters.

Yasmin has a 30% chance of survival. Coworkers from Yasmin's job at All Florida Orthopedic Associates in St Petersburg are raising money and buying the children Christmas presents and the family is already organizing fundraisers, hoping that Yasmin will be alright, but aware of the round the clock she will need if she does pull through.