Fifteen-Year-Old Mexican Boy Shot Dead By Border Agents

A fifteen-year-old boy was killed earlier this week by US Border patrol agents, setting off a string of protests and a possible homicide investigation by Mexican authorities. Although the Border Patrol claimed that the boy, Sergio Adrian Hernandez, was shot after he unsuccessfully tried to cross the border illegally and began to throw rocks at agents, two eyewitnesses claim otherwise.

U.S. citizen Bobbie McDow, 52, spoke to the Wall Street Journal and insisted that Hernandez was not one of the teens throwing rocks at the Border Patrol and even so, it was clear that the agents "life wasn't under threat." Her husband, Raul Flores, 52, said that Hernandez was clearly standing on the Mexican side of the border with his hands up when the officer shot at the teen twice, hitting him once in the shoulder and once in the head. Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general’s office, told the AP that forensic evidence backs this version of events, saying that Hernandez was found 20 feet into Mexico and an autopsy revealed that the shots were fired at close range.

It is the second death of a Mexican citizen at the hands of Border Patrol in two weeks. On May 31, Anastasio Hernández, 42, was killed when Border Agents shocked him with a stun gun. Mexican President Felipe Calderón has condemned Anastasio's killing, saying it was "torture and death." Since the second death, protesters have gathered to call for justice and a bed sheet was hung near the bridge where Sergio was killed that reads: "U.S. Border Patrol, we worry about the violence in Mexico and now you! Murderers. Viva Mexico."

Newly released footage of the shooting can be seen below: