Fidel Castro's Son Duped into Internet Love Affair by Cuban Blogger

Exiled Cuban blogger Luis Dominguez is claiming to have used a fictitious female internet alter ego to gain access to the notoriously secretive family of Fidel Castro. Dominguez says he created the "Claudiacartagena82" character to begin an online relationship with Antonio Castro, the 40-year-old son of Fidel.

Gaining access to the family of Fidel Castro has always been a difficult task. Due to the many attacks on Fidel's life over the years, and the numerous attempts to overthrow the Cuban government, the Castro family has had a massive security detail for more than 30 years. Dominguez has said he used Antonio's known weakness for women and his fondness for sports to create the fictitious character of Claudia, a 27-year-old Colombian sports journalist.

Dominguez has refused to apologize for the trickery, saying he wanted to demonstrate the "opulent lifestyles" of the Castros. Dominguez maintained his online relationship with Antonio for about eight months. But although Antonio shared details of his trips around the world with his uncle Raul, the Cuban president, no real secrets were revealed throughout the chats.

"I'm a Cuban and I'm a Cuban American and I have not been able to go back to my country since 1971 when I left," Dominguez said. "I use whatever tools I have to be able to get back at these people."

Cuban authorities have made no comment regarding Antonio's online chats.