Fidel Castro Finally Speaks, Praises President Obama

After several months of silence, ailing former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Wednesday finally resurfaced. Castro, 82, posted to his column on Cuban-run website According to Reuters UK, at one point in 2008, he was averaging 8 columns a month; the most recent message from Castro comes after more than a month of absence, leading to speculation over his ill health.

In the column, Castro talks about his meeting with Argentinean president Christine Fernandez earlier that day in Havana. “When talking about the United States,” he writes, “I stressed the historical importance for Cuba that in 50 years there had been 10 presidents and despite the tremendous power that country has, none has been able to destroy the Cuban Revolution.” Castro goes on to note that he doesn’t doubt the honesty with which Obama, “the 11th president since January 1, 1959”—the date of the revolutionary takeover of Havana—expresses his ideas and that he truly has “noble intentions.” A big question remains for Castro, however: “How can an extremely consumerist and wasteful system preserve the environment?”

This comment about Obama comes about 8 months after an endorsement of sorts during the President’s campaign, calling him “the most progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency” in a column in various Cuban newspapers.