FARC Guerrillas Admit to Indigenous Murders

The Marxist FARC guerrillas recently admitted that they were behind the massacre of 8 Indians in the Southwest region of Colombia. Government officials and Human rights organizations had accused the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia of killing 27 Awa Indians, but details hadn't emerged and members of the Awa community had admitted it was difficult to identify the attackers since the murders occurred at night.

In a statement released to the ANNCOL news site, FARC officials insisted that the attacks were not anti-indigenous in their nature, but rather were necessary due to "Their responsibility in the death of numerous guerrillas and their irrefutable active participation in the conflict."

The communication added, "They know our respect for the civilian population. We invite them to stop being a part of the politics of Mr. Uribe." The statement went on to denounce any involvement of civilians in the ongoing struggles between the FARC and the government and blames President Uribe for blurring the line between soldiers and citizens saying, "The government has never looked out for these
indigenous communities and has plunged them into war where they can't be their
defenders. They are their executioners!"

But Luis Evelis Andrade of the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia told CNN that the Awa are targets because they don't want any part in the armed struggle and refuse to reveal information to the FARC about government military movement and actions. For his part President Uribe responded, "Let the world know: The Democratic Security forces protect the
indigenous because it is for all Colombians. And the FARC
deceive the country, they assassinate the indigenous."