Family of American Kidnapping Negotiator Makes Plea to Mexican Abductors

Members of Felix Batista’s family held a press conference in Miami on Wednesday, begging for the safe return of their loved one. Batista, a Cuban-American anti-kidnapping expert who works as a consultant for ASI Global, was abducted on Dec 10 outside a restaurant in Coahuila, Mexico. The family has not been contacted by the kidnappers and hasn’t heard from Batista since he was taken. His wife, Lourdes Batista, said, “I want him back. Please return my husband to his family, to his home, to his children.''

''At least let us know what has happened to our beloved Felix,'' his sister, Jackie Batista, continued.

In an even odder twist, Coahuila state Attorney General Jesus Torres told the Associated Press that Batista, 53, went willingly with his abductors, handing some of his personal belongings to his associates and leaving them with numbers to call if anything happened to him.

CNN reports the FBI has been working with Mexican law enforcement to determine what happened, and to bring Batista home safely.