Exclusive: Hilda Solis Facing Tough Confirmation, Considering Run for Presidency

Representative Hilda Solis is facing a tough battle when it comes to her Senate Confirmation for the Secretary of Labor position.

Solis is still awaiting confirmation from the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on her appointment and the ranking Republican, Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming, has been pushing for more specific answers on the Employee Free Choice act. The legislation allows workers to organize by simply gathering enough cards expressing their desire to form a union. This was the system in place until 1947 when congress began requiring unions to use secret ballot elections. Unions claim the current election process allows management to threaten and dissuade workers from organizing, while businesses argue that the simplified card check system places undo pressure on workers to unionize.

"These aren't positions that you're allowed not to have an opinion on," Sen. Enzi, told Politico.com. During Rep. Solis' confirmation hearing, the California democrat repeatedly told senators that she could not speak for the incoming administration on the card check bill because she and Obama had not yet discussed the issue. Solis voted yes on the bill in 2007, but it was later killed in congress.

One position Rep. Solis is comfortable talking about? The Presidency. Solis spoke exclusively to Latina.com about her thoughts on the chances of a Latino president in the White House and her response suggests she may be considering a run on the office herself, "Hopefully (we'll see a Latino president) in a few years, and I don't know if it's going to be a Latino, maybe a Latina, we'll see."

When pressed about her own interest in running for the highest office in the land she demurred, stating, "I'm just saying the possibilities are open. And President Obama said it himself today when he spoke to us at the Lincoln memorial, the theme was about opportunity and about recognizing and respecting everyone for the diversity that they bring to this great country."