Ex-Stripper Says Miami Priest Fathered Her Child, Wants Child Support

Former stripper Beatrice Hernandez recently made the shocking claim that longtime Miami area Catholic priest David Dueppen is the father of her child. The Miami Archdiocese is now in the midst of its second sex scandal in just a few short months. In May, the popular television priest Alberto Cutié (aka Father Oprah) admitted to carrying on an affair with Ruhamma Canellis, whom he subsequently married.

Hernandez says that she first met Dueppen when he walked into Porky's, the strip club she used to dance in. The encounter led to an on-again, off-again seven year affair that ended in January and resulted in her new baby, Marilyn Epiphany Hernandez.

Dueppen is on leave from his associate priest position at St. Maximilian Kolbe Church in Pembroke Pines. Apparently, the church has long known of the couple's relationship. Three years ago, the archdiocese paid Hernandez a settlement related to the affair.

Now, Hernandez has filed a petition for a restraining order and requested child support. She says that Dueppen became violent with her while they discussed paternity and child support and grabbed her by the throat, attempting to choke her. "He is the devil," Hernandez, 42, who has DNA test results confirming Dueppen as the father, told the Miami Herald. "He is the devil dressed as
an angel."