Election 2008: Xtina Rocks The Cradle & The Vote!

As reported by the LA Times, Christina Aguilera will be appearing in a PSA for Rock the Vote, set to air later on in the summer. In the spot, Christina can be seen holding her infant son Max Liron, swaddled in the American flag. All together now, awwwww.

Although some critics might frown upon Christina allowing her son to be in the spotlight, her take on the situation is different, "It's inevitable that he will be subjected to some amount of press," so it might as well be channeled into a good cause," says the pint-size singing sensation. In the new public service announcement, Aguilera sings a lullaby of "America the Beautiful" to her baby boy, now almost 6 months old.

Rock the Vote is now in it's 18th year of existence and has managed to register hundreds of thousands of new voters. It's mission is to " engage and build the political power of young people in order to achieve progressive change in our country."

Christina is following in some formidable footsteps as Madonna appeared similarly draped in the American flag in the very first PSA ever filmed for the organization. Christina is thrilled to be carrying the torch for a good cause saying, " This election in particular is such an exciting and historical one, and I was proud to have my son and I stand together for such a powerful moment and message in time."