ELECTION 2008: Obama's Acceptance Speech Breaks Down Strategy For Change

It was the first time a minority has ever secured the nomination of a major party, and the beginning of an amazingly comprehensive speech that introduced the candidate to a national audience, one that included many who haven’t been following the election closely and count this as their first real exposure to Obama and what he plans to do for this country.

And boy did he ever lay out his plan: The Senator from Illinois hit all the points he needed to hit, not only for Democrats, but for Independents and Republicans who are disillusioned with the current administration. Namely, he effectively debunked the ideal that he’s an elitist celeb, tied McCain to Bush, explained why his judgment on the biggest issues of the day (including the war) has consistently been better than his opponent, and reassured the masses that he is indeed ready to lead on day one. He also explained his policies on all the issues that matter to us, including immigration (we need to be sure employers aren’t talking advantage of undocumented workers), education (we must give everyone equal access to amazing schooling), the economy (cut taxes for 95% of all working families), the environment (it's imperative that we end our dependence on Middle Eastern oil), women’s rights (equal pay for equal work and paid sick leave for family illness) and health care (subsidized premiums, Congressional-quality insurance).

It was a night that won't soon be forgotten, a historical speech from an inspiring leader.

—Kenrya M. Rankin