Election 2008: Introducing Tito the Builder!

By now, everyone in the country is familiar with Joe the Plumber. Unfortunately for Joe, Sarah Palin’s newest buddy, Tito the Builder, is seriously outshining him. First mentioned by Palin about a week ago, Tito represents the newest embodiment of the regular, everyday, hardworking middle class American the McCain/Palin ticket has been pushing hard to win over since they began their campaign.

So, who is Tito the Builder? He’s a Colombian immigrant, now an American citizen, who owns a construction company in Virginia. Palin brought him along yesterday as her special guest at a rally for the Republican ticket held in his hotly contested home state.

Tito enthusiastically took to the stage, introducing the VP candidate by saying, “Everything we stand for is in danger by higher taxes and less freedom. Everything we stand for is made stronger by people like you, like John McCain and Sarah Palin. This country has given me so much, but I have not been given much time to do my job. My job today is to stand before you, to stand up for freedom,”

Palin thanked Tito and before she began her stump speech managed to get in this zinger, “Not since the Jackson Five has the name Tito been used so much.”

After the rally, Tito took reporters on directly in an interview in which he lambasted the mainstream media for their investigations of Joe the Plumber when they should be looking into Obama’s ties to Ayers.

Tell us: what do you think about Tito the builder? Is he inspirational, or just a gimmick? Do you think that it's fair for regular people like Tito and Joe to be subjected media scrutiny?

Check Tito out in the video below: