Election 2008: Christina Aguilera Rocks Larry King Live

Christina Aguilera made a visit to Larry King last night to talk about about her new public service announcement for Rock the Vote. The singer, 27, confessed that she has only voted once in her life (in the 2004 election) but says her 5-month old son Max inspired her to become an advocate for this years campaign. “It was really important for me to get involved and get excited about this election in particular,” said Aguilera, “being such one of change and new development for our country and for the future of my son.” Aguilera will be singing America the Beautiful while holding her son Max, who is patriotically wrapped in an American flag. The PSA was inspired by Madonna’s 1992 Rock the Vote commercial.

It was painfully obvious that Larry hasn’t been stocking up on Aguilera's albums, at one point suggesting that the pint-size powerhouse was known for her "softer singing style". After shooting him a Death Com 5 glare, Aguilera promptly let Larry know she’s no softy singer, but had toned down her regular tour-de-force style for the sake of her son’s hearing. We have no doubts that you can sing chica, but what’s the deal with bringing your baby into the mix? Larry was pondering the same thing and asked Aguilera if she had any qualms about putting little Max "on display." The singer responded by basically saying since Max will be in the lime light anyway, it might as well be for a positive cause, "What a great way to subject him in such a positive way and such a great time in history to do something as positive as getting people to vote and getting people to care about their country and get excited about change."

The one thing Christina wasn't ready to discuss? Who she was actually going to vote for!  “I’m not here to talk about who I am endorsing," she insisted, "This election is just exciting all around.” Hmmm...what is there to hide Xtina? Could she possibly be voting for (gasp) Ralph Nader!? Watch for yourself: