Dozens Die in Guerrero, Mexico On Eve of President Obama's Visit

President Obama was expected to focus heavily on helping Mexico curtail the drug-related violence that has been plaguing the country for the last few years during his visit to the beleaguered country today. It was obviously an appropriate topic to be discussing as on the eve of Obama's visit, soldiers were forced into a deadly gun battle with heavily armed drug gangsters in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people. 

Mr. Obama will be the first president to visit Mexico City since his predecessor Bill Clinton made the trip 12 years ago. Top on President Obama's list of priorities will be trying to help Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Just yesterday, the administration announced financial sanctions against members of Mexican cartels. By designating them as "kingpins," the US government is able to seize their assets.

Although Obama and Calderon will be touching on other important issues such as the economy and immigration during their meeting, the escalating violence that has begun spilling across the Mexico/US border will undoubtedly take center stage. President Obama has already taken steps to tighten the border in order to prevent trafficking of U.S. guns to Mexican cartels and has pledged to send Black Hawk helicopters to assist President Calderon in defeating the incredibly well-armed narcotraffickers.

President Obama was visiting Mexico City on his way to Trinidad and Tobago for the highly anticipated Summit of the Americas set to begin tomorrow.