DOH! Patti Solis Doyle's Email Error

We love Patti Solis Doyle and are proud of her for being the first Latina EVER to head up a presidential campaign. After being fired and blamed (unfairly, we might add) for the demise of Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations, she wisely joined up with President Barack Obama's camp when he secured the Democratic Party's nomination. Unfortunately for Solis Doyle, there didn't seem to be much room left at the top when Obama took office and she once again found herself out of work.

Until recently, that is, when she was hired by Utrecht & Phillips, a law firm that "counsels clients on campaign finance and election law." Solis Doyle—in her excitement to share the good news—sent a big email blast to her nearest and dearest colleagues and friends. However, Solis Doyle accidently neglected to bcc (or blind carbon copy) the email addresses of her friends. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if her list of confidantes wasn’t so high profile, including the likes of Wendy Williams, Kate Moss, Q-Tip, Tina Brown, Madeleine Albright, Vice President Joe Biden, Ron Howard and Tom Daschle!

When asked about the major mess up by the NY Post an exasperated Solis Doyle admitted, "It was an honest mistake. Believe me, I've heard it from my friends." We're sure you have Patti, but don't get too stressed, eveyone deserves one free pass!