Diego and Ricky join forces for a good cause!

Ricky Martin and Diego Luna have both decided to put their money where their mouth is. They have stepped up in support of economic development in Latin America by partnering with El Foro Poder de Filantropía, as reported on lossip.com. El Foro Poder de Filantropía is a special event organized to highlight the importance of philanthropic programs as a means of social change. Ricky and Diego were joined by Grammy Award winning artist Juan Luis Guerra and Fher, the lead singer of mega group Mana as all 4 superstars spoke on a panel on how celebrities can use their high profiles to support philanthropic causes around the world.

El Foro Poder de Filantropía aims to demystify the complex issues that hinder philanthropy today in Latin America.  The event gathered together a diverse group of top business leaders, politicians, entertainers, and academics from Latin America and the U.S. who are committed to changing the perception and dynamic of charitable giving in Latin America.

These stars came from different backgrounds and talents but they have all shown that they share the goal of supporting our people and paises!