Debris and Bodies from Air France Flight 447 Recovered

After incorrectly identifying "sea trash" as debris from Air France flight 447 last week, the Brazilian Air Force was hesitant to confirm that wreckage found over the weekend was indeed from the plane that mysteriously disappeared May 31, 2009, with 228 aboard. But after two bodies and a briefcase containing tickets for the doomed flight were found, authorities were able to ascertain with 100 percent certainty that the debris they were collecting was indeed from the missing plane.

There is ''no more doubt'' that the wreckage is from Air France Flight 447, Brazilian Air Force Col. Henry Munhoz confirmed on Sunday. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva said his nation's military would do all it can to retrieve bodies and return them to relatives.''We know how significant it is for a family to recover their loved one,'' Silva said, adding, ''During this painful time, it's not going to resolve the problem, but it is an immense comfort to know they can bury their loved ones.''

The first two bodies were found Saturday morning and since then pilots have found 15 more corpses. Authorities announced that searchers had spotted two airplane seats with Air France's logo and had begun to retrieve many personal items from passengers as well structural components from the plane.