"Dead" Paraguayan Baby Comes Back to Life

A Paraguayan baby born prematurely was pronounced dead by doctors who failed to accurately check the infant's vital signs.

The baby's father, Jose Alvarenga, told reporters that he realized that the baby was still alive when he heard cries coming from the box that hospital officials had placed the tiny body in.

Ernesto Weber, the head of pediatric care at the hospital admitted, "This is a very unusual case," and added that there would be an investigation into the incident.

Another doctor who works in the maternity unit of the hospital told reporters that the staff had attempted to revive the baby for a full hour before declaring him dead. "His pulse was so low that it was undetectable," said Dr. Aida Notario.

According to birth records, the baby only weighed 17.6 ounces. The infant is now back at the same hospital in intensive care and is in stable condition.