Dangerous to be Latino

31 year old Ecuadorian immigrant Jose Sucuzhañay was recently declared brain dead, just 72 hours after suffering a brutal beating at the hands of thugs yelling racist and anti-gay epithets.

Police in the Bushwick, Brooklyn neighborhood where the attack occurred are currently investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Sucuzhañay and his brother, Romel, were attacked while walking arm-in-arm down the street at around 3:30AM on Monday morning. Apparently, the attackers believed the brothers to be gay lovers and this assumption is what prompted the attack. However, City officials confirmed that the assailants used anti-Hispanic slurs during the attack once they realized that Sucuzhañays were Latino.

Speaking to the NY Daily News, Diego Sucuzhañay, Jose’s younger brother warned other immigrants to be vigilant saying his brother had been singled out for the attack due to his skin color. "Today my brother is the victim, but tomorrow it could be your brother, your mother, your father," Diego continued.

Unfortunately, Jose Sucuzhañay’s name can be added to a growing list of Latinos who have been attacked and murdered due to their ethnicity. With these attacks coming just three weeks after the stabbing death of Marcello Lucero in Long Island, it is safe to state that in certain parts of the United States it has become dangerous to be Latino.

Hate crimes against Latinos have been on the increase lately, and not just in border towns where the tension surrounding immigration has always been palpable, but in places once considered more liberal and accepting of immigrants and minorities. Tell us, why do you think violence against Latinos is on the rise?