Countdown to Arizona's SB 1070

There is just one week left before Arizona's new immigration laws, SB 1070, take effect on July 29th. Since the laws passage in April, the state has seen an exodus of Hispanic citizens, with schools reporting unusual drops in enrollment.

Arizona District Superintendent Jeffrey Smith—who saw 75 families pull their children out of his schools in June, compared to just seven in the same month last year—told USA Today, "They're leaving to another state where they feel more welcome."

David Castillo, co-founder of the Latin Association of Arizona, a chamber of commerce for first-generation Hispanic business owners said that businesses serving the Latino community have suffered greatly. "(Brewer) signed the law, and everything fell apart," Castillo lamented. "It's devastating."

The law's passage has galvanized the Hispanic community around the issue of immigration. According to a recent study by LULAC and the Hispanic Federation, immigration is now the top issue concerning Latinos, tied with jobs and the economy. Nine out of ten Latinos also said that they believe any immigration reform should lead to a path to legal citizenship for those already in the country.

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