Conchita Cintron, Pioneering Female Matador, Dead at 86

Conchita Cintron first burst onto the bull fighting scene at the tender age of 13. Born in Peru in 1922 to a Puerto Rican father and an American mother, Concepcion Cintron Verrill eventually became one of the most famous female matadors of all time.

Known among bullfighting enthusiasts as the La Diosa Rubia or The Blond Goddess, Conchita became famous for her prolific bull killing skills, both on foot and on horseback. She is rumored to have killed over 750 bulls throughout her career which spanned from Europe to South America.

She faced her first bull in 1937 in Peru's capital city of Lima. As one of the only females in a male dominated sport, Conchita's fame grew throughout the 1940s. A popular story is told about an incident that occurred in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1949. A bull gored Conchita in her thigh and she was very seriously injured, but before she would allow the doctors to care for her, she returned to the ring and killed the bull seconds before falling unconscious and rushed into emergency surgery.

Conchita fought in more than 400 bull fights before her retirement in 1949. Shortly after her retirement she married a Portuguese man, Francisco de Castelo Branco, and had one son. Conchita passed away last week at the age of 86. Check out her moves below: