Children of Undocumented Immigrants File Suit Against Obama

Lawyers representing more than 600 children pressed charges today against President Barack Obama, asking for a suspension of the deportation of their parents until immigration reform laws are passed here in the United States.

The suit was brought before the Supreme Court by Nicaragüense Nora Sándigo, a lawyer and Executive Director of American Fraternity, a pro-immigration organization based out of Miami.

"Children continue to suffer because they are separated from their parents due to these deportations and the President can suspend them. That is why there are these legal options," Sándigo told the Spanish news service Agencia EFE.

All of the minors involved in the suit are U.S. citizens and Latino. Sándigo acts as the children’s legal guardian since all of their parents are being detained.

Before the immigration laws of 1996 were passed, undocumented parents
of American children had the right to have their deportation reviewed
in court before being forcibly removed from the country. They had a chance to obtain residency if they could demonstrate that they had had good moral character, had been in the U.S.A. for over seven years, and
if their kids would be traumatized by their deportation.

Alfonso Oviedo-Reyes, president of American Fraternity and another lawyer working pro-bono on the case for the children pointed out, "They had that right for over forty years, but with the immigration
reform of 1996 that was taken from them and they didn’t get anything in
return. Congress shut down all the ways to obtain legal residency and that’s
why the number of undocumented immigrants has increased.”

"We do this not because we are against Obama" Sándigo explained, "But so that he can use his authority to issue an executive order stopping deportations."