Cheating Chilean Miner Offered $100,000 to Be Spokesman For Website, a website specializing in promoting marital infidelity recently offered rescued Chilean miner Yonni Barrios $100,000 to become their new spokesman.

Barrios first gained attention when it was discovered that both his wife, Marta Salinas and his mistress,Susana Valenzuela were camped outside the collapsed mine awaiting his release. is a site that provides online dating services for married people seeking extramarital affairs. “To date our Spanish language service has been a tremendous success in the United States. Since its launch over 17 percent of new members are Spanish speaking,” added the site’s President, Noel Biderman.

The only caveat for Barrios would be that the site insists he would have to remain married to his current wife. That may be easier said than done. Yonni's wife of 28 years was (obviously) livid when she found out about his ladies on the side and refused to greet her husband when he was rescued from the mine last week.