Castro Slams Obama's Economic Plan

In an essay released Monday, ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro criticized President Barack Obama's economic plans, saying that he intends to print "enormous sums of money" to pull America out of the financial crisis we are facing.

In the letter, posted on a Cuban governmental website, Fidel Castro complains that, "any criticism on my part (of Obama) is classified, without exception, as an attack, an accusation or other similar names." He then goes on to talk about the United States involvement on direct attacks on Cuba, including the Bay of Pigs but excuses the new commander-in-chief of any blame, saying it isn't his intention "to blame President Obama for actions that were taken when he was a child of 6."

Castro did, however, demand that President Obama return the Guantanamo military base to Cuban control and criticize his handling of the Israeli/Gaza conflict. He also mused about how the United States will do under President Obama's leadership, saying that America "cannot satisfy its vital needs without the extraction of the enormous material resources of a great number of countries."

Castro has changed his tune from just a short month ago when following Obama's inauguration, Fidel declared the new President "intelligent and noble."

Fidel Castro has been suffering from an unknown ailment since July of 2006, when he made his last public appearance. His brother Raul Castro succeeded him as president of Cuba nearly a year ago.