Business Owner Hangs "No Yobs Aqui" Sign

Flash Sharrar, the owner of Team Ramco in Yuma, Arizona has caused quite a controversy after hanging a sign reading "No Yobs Aqui" in the door of his business. 

Sharrar told local radio station KTAR he was getting tired of having to turn away job seekers that constantly wandered into his business due to its close proximity to an unemployment office. People are saying that Sharrar is racist, not necessarily because he is turning away job seekers, but because of the way the sign is written.

But Sharrar says he got the idea for the sign from a Carlos Mencia skit called "Get a Yob,'' in which a man declares, "I am a Mexican who barely speaks English, and I have five yobs.''

"These people come into our shop like they own the place and then argue with me about getting a job,'' said Sharrar. "I figured I would use their language to let them know there are no jobs here. This sign went up in September of last year, and all of the sudden some passer-by didn't like it."

Sharrar insists it is an simply a joke poking fun at how Spanish speakers pronounce the word "job," but it seems the local Hispanic community has taken offense. "It is an insult,'' Yuma resident Juan Guerrero insists, "I hope the intent is not to instigate a confrontation with the Hispanic community. One thing is very clear, and I believe I speak for many in the community when I say we will not tolerate any racial harassment or discrimination of any kind.''

Tell us: What do you think? Is the "No Yobs Aqui" sign offensive?