Burger King “Texican” Ad Causes Uproar in Spain

Burger King recently launched an ad campaign in Spain for their Texican Whopper which is causing quite a controversy. The Whopper is topped with taco-coated chili con carne, spicy jalapenos, onion, lettuce and Cajun mayonnaise and is described in the advertisement as “inspired by the land where a man ain’t afraid to sink his teeth into something spicy.”

The TV ad depicts a diminutive Mexican wrestler alongside a cowboy and describes the Texican as "The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican." In an accompanying print ad, the wrestler is wearing the Mexican flag as a cloak.
Mexico has very strict laws covering the use of its flag and this is not the first time Mexico’s national flag has been improperly portrayed. Just last year, Mexico fined foreign-owned publishing house, Random House Mondadori for disrespecting the country’s flag in an online video.

Mexico’s ambassador to Spain, Jose Zermeno, criticized the ad, declaring in a letter to Burger King that it, “improperly used the stereotypical image of Mexicans.” Zermeno also asked for Burger King to pull the ad and apologize for offending Mexican cuisine.

Sound a little familiar? We all remember the Taco Bell Chihuahua! That campaign caused quite a stir among Mexicans and other Latin Americans as well. Is it really necessary to offend an entire segment of the population just to sell fast food? Do you find these ads offensive?

Check out the commercial below: