Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy Levi Johnston is Half Mexican!

In today's OMFG-Are-You-Freaking-Kidding-Me news, apparently Levi Johnston, better known as Bristol Palin's estranged baby daddy, is half Mexican. Guanabee was the first to report this revelation after Mario Lopez of Extra TV tweeted about a recent interview with the teenager, saying, "Nice guy. Very shy and quiet. Loves moose hunting. Told me he's a half Mexican! Whoa."

Whoa, Mario?!?! That's pretty much the understatement of the year! Wonder if the Palin family kept this little ethnic secret under wrap during the campaign because they knew that somehow the narrative of a poor little pregnant teenager might all of a sudden look different to the media if one of the teens was a minority—instead of an accidental "blessing," baby Tripp may have been seen more as a statistic.

Oh, the irony.
Either way, welcome to La Familia Levi!