Brazilian Woman Accused of Faking Skinheads Attack

The story shocked her compatriotas when it was reported all over Brazilian newspapers last week: Paula Oliveira, pregnant with twins, had been viciously attacked by Skinheads outside a local train station in Zurich and was sadistically carved all over her abdomen and legs with the initials of the far-right Swiss People’s Party. The assault caused her to miscarry her babies. "What they did to my daughter is like a horror movie," her outraged father quipped to national and international newspapers.

Today it’s a much different tale: The AP is reporting that the Swiss government is filing charges against the 26-year-old woman for faking the attack. Investigators found out Oliveira was not pregnant and probably staged her injuries. A series of tests confirmed that she was never carrying any twins and Zurich University forensic medicine chief Walter Baer called her injuries a “textbook case” of self-mutilation (the wounds were all within her reach, and none were too deep or in particularly sensitive areas).

Authorities are keeping the woman in Switzerland to make sure she is present during the criminal investigation. A public defender was provided for her.