Brazilian Bandits Steal $6 Million During Soccer Championship

A band of Brazilian thieves managed to pilfer 10 million reais (almost six million dollars) on Sunday, while most of their countrymen were engrossed in a national final soccer championship. The gang used the finals of Brazil's premiere league to cover the brazen robbery.

The heist was well planned out. The thieves rented out a house close to their target, Transnacional Transporte de Valores y Seguridad Patrimonial Ltda, a cash delivery firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil four months before the robbery. They even went so far as to decorate the home with a Christmas tree to give the illusion that the home was being rented by a normal family. Then, the bandits meticulously dug a nearly 500 foot long tunnel to the firm.

A security officer at the firm admitted later to hearing loud noises, but told police he thought it was just fireworks going off after Flamengo, a soccer club from Rio de Janeiro won the soccer tournament.

The robbers left no sign or clues in the vault, the Sao Paulo police told O Globo newspaper. The fugitives are still at large.