Bolivian Woman Arrested for Trying to Sell Her Kids for $120

A woman was arrested in Bolivia for trying to sell two of her children for $120. Officials say that the mother, 34, tried to use her 9-year-old son to settle a debt with the owner of the boarding house in which she was staying, and offered to sell her 1-month-old daughter and another 4-year-old son.

Santa Cruz Attorney General Pura Cuellar said the woman lives in abject poverty and has eight children with three different men. She also pointed out that the woman seems to be embroiled in some "family drama" with her oldest daughter, an 18-year-old with two children of her own. 

The mother, who argued that her dire poverty made it impossible to care for all of her children, was arrested when boarding house residents called
police. The women is set to appear before a judge on Wednesday, which is ironically when Bolivia celebrates Mother's Day.

Officials told El Deber newspaper that the AG’s office has ordered that all of the woman’s minor children be taken to shelters and stated that the woman may have to face charges of human trafficking because she tried to deal
with her situation in "the easiest way possible" by selling her children.