Bolivian President Cuts Ties to Israel, Chews Coca with Oliver Stone

In a bold move by a Latin American leftist government, Bolivian President Evo Morales recently announced that the country was cutting ties to Israel over the conflict in Gaza. Morales is also asking the World Criminal Court to charge Israeli leader Ehud Olmert with genocide, according to news organization

“The crimes of the Israeli government bring the world back to the worst years,” Morales said in remarks distributed by official state newswire ABI, according to “In light of these attacks against humanity, Bolivia is cutting diplomatic relations with Israel.”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a close ally of Morales broke all ties officially a few hours after Bolivia made its announcement. So far, there has been no official reaction from Israel, which has been waging its offensive for nearly 3 weeks (during which a reported 1,000 Palestinians have been killed).

Shortly after making the announcement, Morales sat down with famed American film director Oliver Stone. The two were meeting to discuss a documentary on Chavez that Stone has been working on. Bolivian government photos showed Morales and Stone chewing coca and kicking a futbol around at the presidential residence in La Paz.