Arrest Made In Murder of Sandra Cantu

As reported previously, the body of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu was found last week, shoved into a suitcase and floating in an irrigation canal not far from where she lived with her family in the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park in northern California. Police had been searching for the little girl for weeks and this past Friday made a shocking arrest in her murder case.

Sunday school teacher and local minister's granddaughter Melissa Huckaby was brought in on murder and kidnapping charges, and after 6 hours of questioning at the hands of local authorities she appears to have confessed.

"She was calm, cool and collected, then she became very emotional. She went back and forth from being calm to emotional, eventually she became resigned," Police Sgt. Tony Sheneman of the San Joaquin County sheriff's office told ABC News. "I couldn't begin to even theorize what her motive was," Sheneman added, "Sandra was very close friends with Melissa's daughter. They used to play together."

Investigators have told media that they know where the little girl was murdered but could not yet disclose the exact location, although they had been extensively searching the local church last week where Sandra Cantu and her family use to attend services. Police said that interviews Huckaby gave to the The Tracy Press revealed glaring inconsistencies with what she had told them in their initial investigation. The autopsy results are not yet available, and Sheneman was unable to confirm whether or not authorities believe the murder to be accidental or intentional.