Another Brazilian Minor Raped By Family Member, Found to be 4 Months Pregnant

Looks like the abortion issue will continue to stir controversy among Brazilians. In yet another disturbing case of sexual abuse, a teenage girl has been impregnated by her father. But this time the 13-year-old girl has asked the courts to allow her to carry her four-month-old unborn child to term.

Earlier this month, a nine-year-old girl carrying twins after being raped by her 23-year-old stepfather was given permission to undergo an abortion in Brazil, where the procedure is illegal. Doctors felt the child’s life would be at risk and didn’t believe she’d be able to carry the babies full term. The Roman Catholic Church condemned the abortion and excommunicated the girl’s mother as well as the doctors who performed the procedure.

In this new case, the teen's father was immediately arrested. But the 13-year-old's mother is dead and she had no other family willing to take her in, so her lawyer, acting as her legal guardian, appealed to government officials to defend her baby’s life.

Lindidalva Santana, an attorney representing the child, said, “The greatest right of the child is the right to life.” On the other hand, prosecutor Bruno Teixeira stated that an abortion would be allowed if there were risks to the mother’s health. The government allows abortion only in cases of rape or if the mother or fetus’s life is at risk.