Amputated Brazilian Model Mariana Bridi da Costa Fights for Her Life

The family of 20-year-old model Mariana Bridi da Costa is asking the world to continue praying for her survival, after the two-time Miss World Brazil finalist lost her limbs and stomach to severe blood infection. "Mariana is a warrior and will win this battle," says the family through her official website.

According to her boyfriend, Thiago Simoes, Da Costa was first misdiagnosed with kidney stones in late December, but doctors soon discovered that she'd developed a severe urinary tract infection as well as septicimea, a blood infection that limits oxygen supply to the body's extremities. The condition forced doctors to amputate da Costa's arms and feet, and on Thursday, her stomach was removed to prevent further internal bleeding. Her father, Agnaldo da Costa, has reportedly told Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo that "the concern is over her life." Brazilians are now lining up to donate blood in the name of da Costa, who has a rare negative blood type.

Da Costa finished fourth in the 2007 and 2008 Miss World Brazil competitions, where she represented the towns of Guarapari and Seripe, and won the best body award at Miss Bikini International in 2008.