American Tourist Murdered in Puerto Rico

Sara Kuszak of Savannah, Georgia was vacationing with her fiancé Cheshire McIntosh in Puerto Rico, when she was abducted and brutally murdered on Wednesday. Puerto Rican authorities say Kuszak, who was also five months pregnant, went out for a jog when she was kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car.

While in the trunk, Kuszak made a desperate phone call to an employee at a marina in Fajardo where some friends kept their yacht and provided a description of her attacker’s car. The employee called 911. It is speculated that Kuszak may not have known that the emergency number used on the mainland is also used on the island. An hour after receiving the call, police found Kuszaks body in a field.

With the description of the car along with a signal the FBI traced to Kuszak’s phone, the police arrested a local man named Eliezer Marquez Navedo. When they found Navedo, he had Kuszak’s phone and his clothing was covered in blood. Navedo confessed to the murder yesterday.

But that’s not all. In another strange twist, the killer’s mother, Ines Navedo Velazquez, served time for murdering two children in 1992. Velazquez, an AIDS patient, entered the home of two neighborhood children ages 3 and 4, and stabbed them both to death for teasing her about her condition. Velazquez is said to have brought one of her sons along with her to rape the female toddler. Could that son have been Navedo? Without any clear motive for murdering Kuszak, we are only left to believe that Navedo was deeply emotionally and psychologically troubled; and with a mami like Velazquez, that’s not hard to believe.