American Teens were Hitmen for Mexican Cartel

As reported by CNN, two Latino teens, both legal citizens of the United States, Gabriel Cardona and Rosalio Reta, were recently discovered to be hitmen for the notorious Gulf Cartel, one of the country's two major drug gangs. According to police, Reta and Cardona were members of a three-person
cell of American teenagers working for the cartel in the United

During an interview with detectives at the Laredo Police Department, Reta explained how he was intitiated into the dreaded Los Zetas crew at the age of 13. Los Zetas are a crew of former Mexican special military forces notorious for the brutality of their murders. The teens received six-months of military style training on a Mexican ranch before being returned to the United States to await their assignments.

They were paid $5,000 a week while they waited and then up to $50,000 and 2 kilos of cocaine when they carried out a hit, but money wasn't the only motivation. "I thought I was Superman. I loved doing it, killing that first person," Reta admitted during his interview with detectives, "They tried to take the gun away, but it was like taking candy from a kid."

Cardona and Reta are both already in prison serving long sentences for murder. "One thing you wonder all the time: What made them this way?" veteran Laredo Police detective Robert Garcia told CNN, "They were just kids themselves, waiting around playing
PlayStation or Xbox, waiting around for the order to be given."